About Us


At Kodiak Canvas, we love being outdoors. Our mission is simple.

  1. Make high-quality tents and camping gear that we ourselves, our families, or our friends would use.
  2. Treat customers like family and friends.


Dissatisfied with cheap polyester tents with flimsy poles, and the lack of availability of a rugged quality tent, Kodiak Canvas set out to make a line of tents that we would camp in. We believed there were campers with our same frustrations.

In 2006 we introduced our Flex-bow™ tent made of durable cotton canvas and heavy-duty steel poles. Over the years, we have steadily grown to the point where our tents are now the best-selling canvas tents in America. Most of our advertising is done by word-of-mouth from satisfied customers. “I was camping, and we had a huge wind hit the campground. Every tent in camp was leveled by the wind except one, that was a Kodak Canvas tent. I said I have got to have one of those.” We have heard versions of this story many times over the years.

In 2019 Kodiak Canvas launched its patented Z Top sleeping bags. We found that comfortable sleeping bags weren’t that warm—the open tops were drafty allowing cold air to come in. And warm bags weren’t that comfortable—mummy style bags were too constrictive. So, we decided to make a sleeping bag that was both warm and comfortable—something we would sleep in. We think this is the biggest innovation in sleeping bags in over 20 years.

We want to thank our customers for all the amazing 5-star reviews. It’s you who made Kodiak Canvas the number one selling canvas tent.

- The Kodiak Canvas team