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Racing the Planet

In 2013 Racing the Planet came to Kodiak Canvas to supply tents for an event in rugged and remote Iceland. They needed tents that could hold up to the harsh environment including rain and 40 mph winds. They needed to house 350 people including staff and participants. The tents needed to be easy to set up and take down as camp moved each day. Kodiak Canvas was honored to help make this event a success!



Photos by Zandy Mangold, courtesy of Racing the Planet (www.racingtheplanet.com).


Boy Scouts of America National Jamboree

This is an aerial photo of the Boy Scouts of America National Jamboree 2010. Kodiak Canvas was proud to supply the tents seen in the above photo. Because of Kodiak Canvas's rugged construction, our tents have become popular with scouting groups.


Ground view of the Boy Scout Jamboree camp comprised mainly of Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow™ tents. 



Haiti earthquake

The tragic 2010 Haiti earthquake left hundreds of thousands of people without shelter. Kodiak Canvas was proud to supply hundreds of tents to LDS Humanitarian Services, and The Friends of Haiti. These canvas tents were shipped to Haiti in humanitarian aid efforts. The photo above shows a Haitian relief camp consisting of Kodiak Canvas tents. Our 100% cotton canvas tents were found to be a better solution than tents made of synthetic fabrics, for extended use situations such as this.