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The tent did great

The tent did great

“I spent the last 4 out of the 5 months camping in my 9x8 Kodiak Canvas tent. The first two months (October and November) in the Pacific Northwest, and the last two months (January and February) on the Baja peninsula in Mexico. Oregon can get pretty wet around that time of year and this last year was no different. The tent went through two storms that received several days of on-and-off rain, some of which being of the torrential down pour kind. The tent did great. No water leaked through.

South of the boarder there is a thing called "Nortes" which refer to the offshore winds blowing out of the north. The Nortes blow hard. Really hard. The tent never faltered.

Worth every penny. Highly recommended.”

 -Happy Customer (Los Angeles, CA) Apr. 2016