Love Letters

Things our customers have said about us...


"That's not the logo!" 

I was elk hunting in a remote wilderness area in eastern Oregon a couple years ago. I had just finished a lengthy scouting trip and returned to camp looking forward to getting warm. Upon my arrival, I was devastated to see my campsite had been ransacked by what I only assumed at first glance was a bear! My tent was flat, stakes pulled out and destruction everywhere. I thought to myself “hunting season is over.” As I assessed my situation, I was shocked to discover my tent – one of my lone remaining items – had survived! Even though my chair, cot and table that were inside the tent had not. A few days later I was joined by my buddy and I shared my story with him. He was admiring my Kodiak Canvas tent and especially liked the logo, but on closer examination I explained to him, “that’s not the logo – it’s a bear paw!” The rest is history, but man I’m glad you make such tough tents! 

-Frank G. (Gladstone, OR) February 2023




I researched a lot before buying my next late season hunting tent. I have had wall tents, dome tents and a Big Horn in the past. The Kodiak Canvas 10x10 Deluxe with the Wing Vestibule was the one I finally selected for this year's mid-November Colorado elk hunt. We experienced negative temps at night with the highest nighttime temp only reaching 4°. We used a “Buddy” heater on medium heat (with a remote CO2 sensor for caution) with good sleeping bags and slept warm and sound. It was also a nice warm place to retreat at the end of the day to warm up and enjoy a meal and conversation in comfort. We had on-and-off snow for over 5 days with no issues with leaks or condensation.  It easily accommodated two cots, a 3-foot table with a propane stove and a small table in the middle for eating, etc. There was ample room at the end of both cots for a storage bin, pack or other items. The zippers are great compared to other tents I have had, especially when trying to go out in the middle of the night. They are rugged and open and close easily. Setting up the tent is a breeze. Equally impressive is the floor - very thick waterproof material that should hold up well for years. I highly recommend the optional Wing Vestibule. It not only provided a break from the wind but also helped to keep the doorway free from snow. It is a great space to set up a table, camp kitchen, coolers etc. Overall, this may be the best tent I have had, and should last for many years - I highly recommend it!

Thanks Kodiak! 

-Brian M. (Colorado Springs, CO) November 2022logo-banner.jpg


I drove 1,100 miles from Pennsylvania down to Florida for a 2 week fishing trip. After I arrived, there was news reports about Tropical Storm Nicole hitting the state. I had just got my site all set up and honestly never been through a tropical storm so I decided to stick it out in my Kodiak Canvas 10x14 tent. The rains started on Wednesday the 9th and continued all night and through most of the day on the 10th. The winds got high and the rain pounded my tent and I didn’t have one leak and it stayed firmly connected to the ground throughout the whole ordeal. While it wasn’t a great choice to sit out a storm that size in a tent I’m glad I was able to do it in a well made product. Thank you Kodiak Canvas for keeping me dry throughout the whole ordeal.

-Randy R. (Swoyersville, PA) November 2022 logo-banner.jpg




We just took our new 10x10 Flex Bow VX tent out on its maiden voyage, and we’re thoroughly impressed with the ease of set-up and take down, and quality of all the materials and workmanship that went into the manufacturing of this tent.

We are extremely happy that we chose the model with the extra windows, as the ventilation and increased natural light are a Godsend. The inclusion of the hanging organizers and loft are an especially nice touch which add to the usability of the interior space. During our first camping trip with this tent, we did experience thunderstorms with fairly strong winds and heavy rain. The tent didn’t waver at all and remained bone dry inside. With the rain I was able to experiment with the front entrance canopy to assure adequate drainage, without the rain pooling or collecting on the canopy. My solution was to pitch the canopy towards the corner opposite of the door, leaving plenty of height to enter the tent without excessive stooping or bending (see photo). In addition, to keep the canopy poles stable and secure, I placed spare 10 lb. standard weight plates (I carry in the back of the truck) at the bottom of the pole (the hole in the plate is large enough to allow for the pole being positioned at different angles) and fitted two guy lines on each pole for added stability. The nice thing about the weight plates is they can be moved forwards or backwards adjusting the canopy pitch quite easily. The tent with poles and stakes is fairly heavy but works out very well if one is doing car camping. Lastly the YKK zippers work smoothly and perform very well, in fact that was one of the major selling points, as other tents we have had in the past, the non YKK zippers always seemed to be the point of failure. Thank you Kodiak for an excellent product with quality workmanship.

- Allen F. (Chandler, AZ) Sept 2022




Hi there, saw your crew at the sportsman show in Portland today and thought I’d share a couple comments. I’ve had my 6’ truck tent since 2016 and used it all over. We’ve driven coast to coast 4 times, stayed in Zion, Moab, Bryce Canyon, Grand Canyon, Glacier, Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Yosemite, and every beach or campout spot along the way. I’ve used it for elk and deer hunting all over Oregon and Idaho. If you’re looking for a quality product to use all over - and keep for a long time, this is it. I’ve woken up to wet heavy snow, strong winds, and pouring rain and the tent has lasted through it all - and never leaked! It’s good-quality canvas with a strong frame. We experienced a wind event in northern Idaho that crumpled tents and RV awnings all around us. The entire park was destroyed, and all the tents were in a pile at the far north end. My Kodiak tent held up just fine and kept all our stuff safe and protected. It’s a top-quality product and as soon as the new bed rails are in stock, I’m buying the new style pole rail to use with my older tent cause it’s going the distance.

- Jesse M. (The Dalles, OR) Feb 2022


"I’ve used my Flex-Bow tent every hunting season for five years. What a great product. It has never leaked and I’ve stayed in it in 15 degree weather and with a propane heater stayed nice and warm. Great product and friendly customer service too. Had a small problem with an end pole and they replaced it. Thanks again for a great product and friendly customer service. Five stars!!!!!"

-Tim B. (Cucumber, WV) Feb. 2021



"Myself and my family set up a hunting camp every year on my family farm/ranch in Southern Oklahoma located on the Red River. I purchased a small 8.5x6 Flex-Bow tent three years ago. It was a bit small, but a great product so I upgraded to the 10x14 Flex-Bow model. After seeing my 10x14 in action, my two other cousins purchased a 10x10 Flex-Bow as well as another 8.5x6 Flex-Bow. These tents are not only easy to set up, but provide the best possible tent for our needs. I would just like to say, the Flex-Bow tents are the best camping purchase we have ever made and want to commend you on a great quality product that provides the best camping tent on the market. I have recommended the Flex-Bow tent to many of my friends and camping/hunting buddies. Again, thank you Kodiak for providing a quality product."

-Kerry B. (Ringling, OK) Dec. 2020




"Day one of my 10-day trip to Colorado was warm, dry and beautiful - but that all changed on day two!  Fifteen inches of snow fell in 12 hours and the temperatures dropped from the upper 30's into the single digits.  The lows remained in the single digits for days, and the highs weren't out of the teens.  Even through all that, my Kodiak Canvas tent provided outstanding shelter.  A true safe haven in the woods in which I could rest and recover from my daily hikes.  With a two cot + kitchen setup, there was more than enough room for me and my son (both over 6' tall).   The 6x8' carpet made it feel very comfortable.  Because of the design of the tent, it retained warmth very well.  I call it my apartment in the woods!  Thank you Kodiak Canvas for making such a durable and well designed product.  I can easily set it up and take it down in less than 20 minutes, by myself, but the shelter it provides is equal to that of wall tents or trailers that are much more expensive and require much more time to set up.  I have been telling everyone I know that spends multi-day trips camping, to consider one of these tents before investing in a wall tent or camper trailer.  After 3 hard seasons, I love mine more than ever!"

-John M. (Columbus, TX) Nov. 2020




"I just want to say how much I love your Flex Bow tent and your new Z Top sleeping bag. I just got back form an elk hunt in Co where we got snow and the temps dipped down into the teens. Your tents stay dry as a bone and that sleeping bag kept me warm at night, with nothing else needed! These products are the real deal and I wanted to say thank you for making stuff that exceeds expectations."

 -James G. (Loveland, CO) Oct. 2020



 1.jpg    .2.jpg


"I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the 10 ‘by 14 ‘Flex-bow tent, 9 ‘by 8 ‘Flex-bow tent and the 10 ‘by 14 ‘canopy and tarps that we purchased from you this year and last year. They are so sturdy and comfortable. They also hold up great in the rainy or windy weather. We are very happy with these tents and intend to do many more camping trips with them. They take a little extra effort to stake in, but the result is worth it. Take down and pack up is even easier than set up. The zippers are user friendly and super sturdy. There is plenty of storage space, places to hang our battery fan lanterns, and lots headroom for tall people. I love all the windows and vents for keeping the tent aired out and the awning is perfect for sitting out and watching a gentle rain. The tents also stay totally dry in the strongest/ longest downpours. We are careful to make sure that we don’t pack them up wet, even if we reset them up at home. Best part is, we no longer have to constantly buy replacement tents due to busted poles or ripped fabric every year or two. These tents are made to last. Thanks for making a great product. Very happy customer here."

 -Wendy M. (Boonville, NY) Aug. 2020


"I just wanted to let you know I just got back from an overnight camping trip, my second time out with the truck tent and Toyota Tacoma. I had a sudden massive thunderstorm hit me in the early evening. Torrential rain, 50 MPH winds, thunder, lightning, lasting over five hours. The tent took it all without leaking a drop inside. The canvas didn't even flap in the wind. When you say nothing beats a Kodiak tent you are only speaking the truth! This tent is worth every penny I paid for it. One of the best outdoor gear purchases I have ever made. Thank you for making such a fabulous product."

 -Bob S. (Caldwell, ID) June 2019 



"The Z Top sleeping bag is genius and revolutionary!! I grew up camping as a scout, now as a scout leader I still camp on a regular basis. I love camping; however, winter camping has always been a bit of a drag for me because let’s face it who wants to head out in the snow and freeze all night, right? This past winter my attitude toward winter camping has completely changed! I slept in the Z top sleeping bag and must say I’ve never had such a comfortable, warm night camping. If I was any more comfortable, I would have thought I was in my own bed. I could twist and turn freely without puffs of cold air waking me up. I wasn’t constrained by a tight-fitting mummy bag and yet I was warmer than I ever have been in my mummy bag because my body heat was so well contained. I love the booster quilt as well, it’s so easy to use and adds a lot of warmth for those sub-freezing nights. Just like the Kodiak tents, the sleeping bag has an excellent design with great materials and craftsmanship.

I’ve loved the Kodiak tents, our scout troop has a tent for the youth and one for the leaders. The tents are so sturdy and easy to set up and take down. I love that the flooring material comes up off the ground several inches before connecting with the canvas walls, so the stitching isn’t on the ground, small things like this are so simple and make such a big difference."

 -Jasen M. (Layton, UT) May 2019






"We host hundreds of people every year at our meditation courses on Maui in Kodiak Canvas tents. The spaciousness of the tents combined with the high level of quality and durability through constantly changing weather (including heavy rain and high winds!) make them the best choice for us."

 -Jorge Yant, Founder, The Quepasana Foundation (Maui, HI) Apr. 2019




"I am sending you pictures of our two 10 X 10 Kodiak tents in use on a Feb camping rockhounding trip in Arizona. The tents are so easy to setup. First day was nice but cold that night, still was nice in tent. We had 30-mile hour winds, with rain most of the next day and woke up to heavy wet snow. We were so proud of our Kodiak Tent in this bad weather.  NO water or snow inside tent dry as could be. My wife loves that Kodiak tents have a floor, so No critters running around inside at night. Thanks for building the BEST tent a person could ask for."

 -Don F. (Oceanside, CA) Mar. 2019



"We live in cold, snowy Idaho and were looking forward to a camp trip in sunny Arizona. Four days into the camp, there was an incredible downpour of rain, all day and all through the night. As we went to bed, we all had hopes of waking up dry however, it was raining so hard we couldn't quite imagine the tent holding up. When we woke, the tent was DRY!!!!!!!!!!! We sang praises to the tent and I vowed, "when we get back home, I'm going to write Kodiak about this amazing tent". So, thank you, thank you, thank you for producing this incredibly durable tent. We were one of VERY few campers who stayed dry that night. When I began hearing stories of campers who had to sleep in their cars and woke to find everything floating in their tents, I was once again in awe that this tent kept us dry. Please give your crew our sincere gratitude for making such a fine product. And, by the way, when many campers heard we stayed dry, they all asked what kind of tent we had. We all proudly said, "It's a Kodiak"."

 -Jen J. (Bellevue, ID) Feb. 2019





"Earlier this year I ordered the Deluxe 10x10 Kodiak tent from a supplier in the US to take to my small patch of wild land in the mountains of Portugal. I'm building an off-grid cabin there. It was an expensive investment for me, but I researched it carefully and decided it was the tent for me. My building trips are typically 5 weeks long, so I need to live on my land to save on accommodation costs. I needed a tent which is comfortable, breathable and large enough for a double bed and all our camping gear.

It can be pretty wet in the Portuguese mountains in October/November, but one night we were hit by Hurricane Leslie......120 mile an hour winds and torrential rain. It was frightening.....felt like being inside a washing machine on spin cycle for 6 hours with a roaring dragon outside trying to end our of the worst nights of my life...we could hear huge trees toppling in the forest, rock slides as patches of road disappeared down the mountain....I can't really exaggerate......Nature hurled all her might at the tent.

We remained safe, warm and dry. The tent held. Thank you for producing an incredible product."

 -Cath C. (London, England) Nov. 2018



"I recently purchased the 9X8 Flex-Bow Tent to take on my camping/fishing trip to SW Colorado. During the 8 days my buddy and I spent there, we encountered sub 32 degree mornings, rain, hail and light snow. The tent exceeded my expectations and now my buddy is ready to purchase his own Kodiak Canvas tent. Best investment I have made to my camping gear."

 -Phil A. (Cave Creek, AZ) Sept. 2018logo-banner.jpg


"55 years old, 14 years in the Navy, 2 Eagle Scout sons, over thousands of dollars in tents from Northface to Nemo to Browning. Finally, I have found what I have been looking for in years. A strong, sturdy, rainproof, 4 season tent. I just purchased the Flex bow 6010 VX. I set it up prior to a late fall Northern Michigan trip. First time setup is easy for one person. Then I Waterproofed the tent as instructed. I put so much water on it, it was like running it through a car wash. No Leaks. The best part of the VX tent is the ventilation with all windows on all sides. Great for the summer days, and sturdy enough for those Cold nights. If you're looking for a tent that will last you for years, this is your tent. I call it a family tradition. Now Kodiak Canvas is getting ready to start a line of sleeping bags. Wait until fall to purchase your sleeping bags and see what they have to offer. You won't be disappointed."

 -Theodore V. (Batavia, OH) Aug. 2018 






"I just wanted to write and say I'm impressed with your tent quality I have had a Kodiak Flex-bow for the past 5 years and while it's heavy it has never let me down cold weather, rain, its always perfect. This weekend we received a high quantity of rain and the water rose to almost 6 inches at one corner of the tent my kids were freaking out because they could feel the water under it. To satisfy them I emptied the tent and put them in the truck for the night. When I looked in the empty tent there was 0 water anywhere in that tent when I was standing ankle deep right outside the door. Thanks for building a quality product"

 -Jonathan R. (Wind Lake, WI) Sept. 2017 






"I just want to emphasize how much I love this tent - every time I put it up people are wowed by it. I bought it for Burning Man 2008, where it made it through a 10 hour whiteout blow with almost no playa dust inside and no sign of being negatively effected. I've been through several rainy camping events and am snug as a bug in a rug. I've even learned how to put it up using only myself and a full ice chest! It only met it's match when I was in Red Rocks near Vegas, camping in a spot where we had 40-60 mph gusts. I left the tent at 2ish in the morning to hit the bathroom, and when I came back the tent had collapsed. I resewed the 6 d ring footings ripped out when the tent got hit by a serious gust and it's back to working like a charm. Plus my husband has a great story about almost getting killed by a tent pole falling on his head (my husband has a penchant for the overly dramatic - he almost dies about once a month ;)  ). The last 3 years it has been the tent to beat at my steampunk group's yearly glamping events. I loooooooooove my canvas palace and wouldn't give it up for the world!"

 -Mary C. (NV) Aug. 2017logo-banner.jpg


"We just returned from a family camping trip at a state park in CT. Even though it's July, it rained (some really good thunderstorms) three out of the four days we were there. It was the kind of downpour that you knew couldn't last more than a few minutes, but somehow stretched on for a couple of hours each time the sky opened up. The entire floor of out tent looked like the surface of a water bed. There was between 1 to 2 inches of water beneath us. Not once did our Kodiak tent leak. We all stayed dry, the kids were happy and my girlfriend said that it was the best tent she'd ever seen. She was so happy she said I should write something about it, so here it is:) We were very impressed with the tent. Thank you:)"

 -Alex C. and family (CT) July 2017 






"To paint the picture of how grateful I am God led us to purchase your tent.  My wife comes to me in early spring.  "Girls are growing up fast, we need to find more time together before they get to big".  After deliberation we decide that camping would be the excursion, and a tent would provide the shelter. I was cinched when I happened across a video of some fellows in North Dakota/Montana or something of the like while out hunting.  The individual taking the video was lovingly-berating his buddy who had the sole tent remaining in their winter expedition after high winds.  A Kodiak Canvas Flex Bow. 

On to our story, it’s now father’s day weekend Friday, June 16th at the Fremont State Lakes.  This would be the first time camping with our family. Already off to a late start we arrive at 5ish.  I grew up camping, but as a Dad, turns out there is a lot more work.  My favorite oldest daughter was a great helper.  From handing me stakes, to locating the hammer, and building on her curiosity as the tent begins to take its shape.  I had ‘seasoned’ the Flex-Bow VX 2 weeks prior, it was then I was thankful not only for the experience in set up, but the waterproofing it had as I am fairly certain that I didn't even have time to take the top off of a 'refreshing drink' to admire the view when the sky opened up.  Girls got back from the 47th bathroom trip (we've only been there 2 hours mind you!), and quickly took shelter.  Reports clocked wind speeds in excess of 80 mph. An employee at the Fremont State Lakes in Nebraska said there were 88 tents registered for that day....ONE remained standing! Although rattling and shaking, the tent held…when it all cleared, you’d swear that nothing even happened to our little tent that could.  Nothing was bent, ripped, or damaged.  High winds, pelting rain….the tent was flawless.  My brother-n-law commented that he’d bet $20 I bought the tree proof tent! And there you have it…you see the pictures as proof.  Thank you for putting quality in your work."

 -Christopher H. (Fremont, NE) June 2017 



"This February, we bought a 10 x 14 Flex-Bow canvas tent-Deluxe. We've used it several times with no problem at all. When we can't go camping we set it up in the back yard. (House surrounded by open pastures with no windbreak) National Weather was forecasting rain in the area. We've been having weird and violent weather here in North Texas this year but the tent has worked great for us. Well, the rain hit. We couldn't see outside because of the heavy rain and the occasional hail didn't help either. The National Weather monitoring station at the airport about 2 1/2 miles as the crow flies logged wind at 21 mph with gusts up to 32! After the storm passed we went outside expecting the worst. One corner tent stake had been pulled out of the ground and the other tent stakes on the storm side were partially out of the ground. I went inside and the only place where it was wet was on the storm side where the rain was blown through the zipper. I've made more messes dropping a glass of water. It's an amazing tent! We have recommended this tent to family and friends. Keep up the good work! "

 -John G. (Hillsboro, TX) June 2017 





"I wanted to say how impressed we are with your tent. My family and I stayed up in the Ouachita National Forest and we were faced with 70-80 mph winds with heavy rain. During the storm we had a 10 inch diameter tree limb (around 16 ft. long) fall on the tent hitting one of the steel rods causing the limb to roll over the side without crushing the tent. This tent held up like a champion (no leaks, no one hurt) after all that! Any other tent out there would have been crushed, no joke."

 -Kyle K. (Yukon, OK) May 2017 





"I am very impressed with the level of quality and excellent workmanship in the Kodiak Canvas truck tent. It fits my Toyota Tacoma very well. As it's been set up it has endured two rain storms with no leaks or damage. We are looking forward to the kayak and camping trips. Thanks again for such a great product."

-John & Dana (Grande Prairie, AB) May 2017 logo-banner.jpg


"I am a Scoutmaster for Troop 151 in Boise, ID. As a long time scouter and outdoors-man, I’m a big believer in quality gear! This last weekend, on our scout Klondike camp, was a testament to the need need of that. It was predicted to snow almost 20 inches in 48 hours, but the temperature was going to be around 32 degrees. So I was a bit concerned about rain instead of snow. I believe I may have jinxed us… it rained and rained and then rained some more. Our troop has one older Kodiak Canvas tent and then a couple of… well the other brands. Guess which scouts stayed dry and which ones got soaked to the bone? As near as I can tell this tent has seen at least 5 years of scouting use and in spite of its age, it still held up to the elements!"

-Tory H. (Boise, ID) Feb. 2017 logo-banner.jpg


"These tents are extremely high quality. The company is honest and easy to work with. The tents have every feature you could imagine. I have used most of their products. They will stand up in extreme wind when no other tents will. They stay dry in the hardest downpours. We have four that the Scouts have used for seven years and they keep going. I like the 10X10 because I can stand up and the VX model has ventilation on all four sides for the hot summers. The SWAG bag is nice and small for just one person. The foam pad smooths any rocks that might be underneath. Great product. Good people"

-Jeff M. (West Jordan, UT) Feb. 2017 logo-banner.jpg


"Recently purchased a 10 x 14 flex-bow and a 10 x 14 ground cloth. The tent is an unbelievable value for the money. The materials and workmanship are outstanding. I am 66 yrs old and have two hip replacements and a reconstructed knee and had no trouble putting the tent up by myself. I am more than satisfied and would recommend this tent to anyone looking for a high quality roomy tent."

-Barry S. (Satellite Beach, FL) Dec. 2016   logo-banner.jpg


"I just recently ordered the Grand Cabin Tent. The pictures on the website do not even come close to doing this tent justice. I set it up in my back yard to check it out and it is amazing. There is plenty of space on the inside with storage pouches everywhere. It breaths quite well to keep the heat off, outside temp was 100 that day and we kept the windows shut. At night, it was quite comfortable in the tent as well and I am sure it can hold heat in the colder weather with no problems. Although some of the poles were damaged in the shipping process which were then very quickly replaced thanks to Jon, this tent was incredibly easy to set up and then take down and put away. You would think that with a tent that big (26x8 with a 12x8 attached canopy) there would be some difficulty but there was none at all. Even better is this tent is tall. I stand over 6' and the doors and the ceiling are well above me from one end of the tent to the other so no ducking down for head clearance. I go camping multiple times a year and in all weather conditions. I have no doubt that this tent will have any problems at all. If you need a spacious tent for you and the family or buddies, this is the perfect tent!"

-David L. (Peoria, AZ) Oct. 2016   logo-banner.jpg



"Big shout out to Kodiak Canvas! Had a few buddies buy the Deluxe Cabin Tent and bring it on a hunting trip in January for AZ archery deer. Had some cold crappy weather and these tents performed flawlessly! Very roomy and can fit two cots with a ton of gear comfortably! Best investment I've made recently by far! Quality and excellent customer service! "

-Joe B. (Prescott, AZ) Sept. 2016   logo-banner.jpg


"This is my second year using your 10x10 Deluxe. We have used the tent from sea to sea. Our 1st year we used the tent from North Carolina/WV/Virginia, to the Rockies, the Tetons, the Sawtooths, to the Oregon Coast, Nevada desert than back to a NC. Our 2nd year took us to the Florida Pan Handle, the Great Smokies and a 60 day trip through the Atlantic Providences above the 52 parallel in Labrador/Newfoundland of CANADA. The tent has kept us cool, warm and dry in every weather condition imaginable. This is one of the best products I've every purchased for quality and performance. Thank you for making such a great product, keep up the great work. "

-Denis H. (Southport, NC) Sept. 2016   logo-banner.jpg


"I bought the 10x14 tent last year (2015) for 2nd rifle elk season. We Hunted west of Olathe,CO on divide road near the summit, we camped between 8500-9000ft. In 11 days we had 6 days of rain/sleet/snow and thunderstorms thrown at us. It was brutal Weather. I want to say the Kodiak tent was amazing. It stayed dry the entire time. I think the inside of my tent was the only dry spot on the mountain. I would guess winds hit 60 mph during nightly thunderstorms and not a drop of water in this tent. I was truly amazed it held up to all nature had throw at us. Thank you for building an incredibly strong, dry, warm tent.  "

-Brian C. (San Antonio, TX) July 2016   logo-banner.jpg




"I am a new customer who recently purchased your 1 man swag. It held up well in the mountains during a long rain. One of my latest inventions is a poor man's overland set up. I did this for a solo wilderness trip I took last week in the Sangre De Cristo mountains. I thought I would share in case anyone is interested in a similar set up. The Kodiak Canvas Swag tent fit perfectly on my Gobi rack. My 4WD took me to 13K elevation and some beautiful places in the wilderness. Maybe there are others who might benefit from a similar set up. Just wanted you to hear from a happy customer. Cheers!"

-Todd C. (Texas) July 2016   logo-banner.jpg


"I have purchased a 10x10 and a 10x14 tent. There is no way I can express how happy I have been with these tents. We have used them in POURING rain and 40 MPH winds. They have been flawless. Go ahead and buy the bigger size and the deluxe model. I have absolutely no complaints about them. Wonderful to see a product meet or exceed their claims. Keep up the good work."

-William B. (Crossville, AL) June 2016   logo-banner.jpg





“A couple of pictures of the tents in Chile. It's a really nice product you are selling. The tents were set up for 4 month, they went through rain, wind, sun and a lot of humidity and they ended up very well.”

 -Alex T. Apr. 2016 logo-banner.jpg  

“I spent the last 4 out of the 5 months camping in my 9x8 Kodiak Canvas tent. The first two months (October and November) in the Pacific Northwest, and the last two months (January and February) on the Baja peninsula in Mexico. Oregon can get pretty wet around that time of year and this last year was no different. The tent went through two storms that received several days of on-and-off rain, some of which being of the torrential down pour kind. The tent did great. No water leaked through. 

South of the boarder there is a thing called "Nortes" which refer to the offshore winds blowing out of the north. The Nortes blow hard. Really hard. The tent never faltered. 

Worth every penny. Highly recommended.”

 -Happy Customer (Los Angeles, CA) Apr. 2016 logo-banner.jpg


"We purchased this tent for a scout troop and we love the Kodiak Canvas tents. They are built rugged and very reliable. I love the bag this one comes in. Awesome tent! I highly recommend Kodiak Canvas tents to anyone who wants one."

-Jason H. (Ogden, Utah) Jan. 2016logo-banner.jpg


"When I left one of my poles in the desert this past year, I thought for sure I was going to need to find parts on my own through CL or Ebay. I was ecstatic to find that Kodiak not only provides replacement poles, but they are reasonably priced as well! The pole I received is a direct replacement, no worry and no hassle!

Thanks for making a quality product and for offering replacement parts. I'm continually satisfied with my Kodiak Canvas tent and the customer service I receive from the company."

-Erin C. (Seattle, WA) June 2015logo-banner.jpg

"I purchased your 12x9 Cabin Tent with canopy and screen a couple of years ago and have been very happy. My wife and I just got back from two weeks in U.P. of Michigan just off the coast of Lake Superior. We had two nights with reported gale force winds, and one of those nights over two inches of rain. The campground
had 16 sights and everyone had a tent on it the first night. We were the only ones there on the second. Quite a tent you have built. It stood like a rock in 50ish mph winds and didn't get a drop of water with 2 plus inches of rain in an evening." 

-Steve and Patty S. (Brighton, MI) Sept. 2014logo-banner.jpg





"This is my covered wagon, a Dodge Ram 1500. The Kodiak Canvas truck tent didn’t flap in 70mph winds or leak a drop in any rain or snow storm. The spacious interior is lined with a BedRug which provides both padding and insulation and adds a little more homeyness (compliments the tent nicely). Plenty of room to stand up, got the portable loo in case I don’t wanna venture outside to do my business (rain, cold, snow in the middle of the night, or have a lady along who wants privacy). I keep an ice chest in there for snacks and drinks and my closed foam mat is plenty thick in case my back is wore out after a day in the field. When I’m camping in the wagon, I can indulge myself with a big sleeping bag and pillow…a nice luxury you sacrifice when backpacking with a mummy sack. The fine mesh bug screen keeps everything out and provides plenty of air flow and shade for a mid-afternoon siesta. The heavy canvas can actually get too warm if ya don’t unzip some of the windows, especially with the door buttoned up. Those cheap nylon truck tents flap, leak and don’t hold heat at all. I have camped in remote locations throughout the west…from 0 degree temps during very wet weather (during waterfowl season) to 100+ degree desert locations (during archery elk season) and everything in between….this Kodiak Truck Tent is comfortable and still looks brand new after years of use and abuse. I prefer to buy quality once…after reviewing all the other truck tents on the market, I selected Kodiak Canvas. No regrets. It’s the best. Five of my buddies have bought Kodiak tents since checking out mine. This tent packs down to nothing so I take it on long trips when I will be driving through remote areas as an emergency shelter, in case I break down or get stuck in the snow someplace without cellular service. Takes me 10-12 minutes to put up, half that to pull down. Thanks Kodiak! I got more than my money’s worth."

-Bruce C. (San Clement, CA) Oct. 2013logo-banner.jpg

"Hello, after reading hundreds of reviews, I finally broke down and spent the money. I couldn't be happier. I've never taken the time to give a review before on anything. I purchased the Kodiak 10x10 Flex-bow canvas tent. I'm 6'4" and like my comfort. So, when we booked our Wyoming antelope hunt, a good tent was top priority. Everyone said "way to heavy, way too tall" for Wyoming. This tent is all there!! No other way to say it. Just buy it. 4 days of sustained winds from 10-30 mph with gusts up to 60 mph. This tent took it all and asked for more. We were all Shocked. Without a doubt I bought the right tent. Ended up with one bent sun shade tent pole and that's it. The walls were flexing and everything in camp was tied down and this tent was left standing without a single rip. Unbelievable!! Everyone in camp is a believer now! Thanks Kodiak."

-John L. (Bartlesvil, OK) Oct. 2013logo-banner.jpg

"I've just finished my first camping trip with my new cabin tent (the one with the attached porch) and I just wanted to write and say how happy I am with your product. The weather was rainy for the entire trip, but my family stayed warm and dry. We were the envy of the campground and had to start giving "tours" of our tent before we even had it completely set up. It’s great to find a company that still cares enough to make a quality product. Thanks Kodiak!"

-Scott H. (Gray, TN) Oct. 2013logo-banner.jpg



"On a camping trip to Lake Powell this summer we had strong winds through the night. Our family of six was safe and secure inside our Kodiak Canvas tent. Our shade awning, the mangled mess shown in the front of the photo, did not fare as well. Thanks Kodiak for making rugged tents that can stand up to Mother Nature. I would never camp in anything but a Kodiak Canvas tent."

-Merrilee B. (Layton, UT) Aug. 2012logo-banner.jpg

“Just came back from my first camping trip with my new 10x14 flex-bow tent at Grandfather Mountain, N.C. Four days of mostly heavy fog, rain, extremely heavy downpours broken by only a few hours of sun all weekend. While some people camping near me were soaked inside their tent, I was completely dry and comfortable. No rain fly, no tarp over the tent.....Just the tent. This tent is absolutely amazing! I'm sure I'll get years of use out of it. Thank you so much.”

-Keith (Ellabell, GA) Jul. 2012logo-banner.jpg


“We purchased a 10x14 Kodiak Canvas Flex-bow Tent earlier this summer and I must tell you, in 40yrs of camping, this is the best tent I have owned. Many years ago we owned a Coleman Canvas tent, but with 11+ poles to set up, it took forever. My Kodiak takes 10-minutes from bag to living. With my son away at college, it’s just my wife, dog and I, and there is so much room, it is like taking a full bedroom. Love-it! I originally had reservations of spending this much money on a tent. But not now, I am very pleased with this tent purchase.”

-Gary P. (Coto de Caza, CA) Oct. 2011logo-banner.jpg


“Just wanted to say that we just bought the canvas truck tent for our truck and took it on our elk hunt. We live in Oregon and if you didn't know it rains here! So we didn't get an elk but sure loved our tent. It rained on us and we stayed dry and cozy! The other great thing was that when we got to our spot to hunt. We didn’t have to and find a place to put a tent. Not having to worry about finding level ground or worry about a rock in your back! Just park the truck on a level area or make it level and set it up. The other hunters that came by us made comments to how nice it was. Thanks for making a great product. Oh and my better half wanted make sure you know she is a seamstress and noticed the great craftsmanship. Thanks again.”

-Floyd E. (Salem, OR) Sept. 2011 logo-banner.jpg


“My Flex-Bow 6051 canvas tent is awesome!!! I took it to Burning Man this year and despite some windy and very dusty days, I stayed comfortable and dust free. Even in a dust storm, I was able to set up my tent with little trouble. I’m so pleased with the quality and craftsmanship of these tents. Best tent I have ever owned!”

-Lisa R. (Marysville, WA) Sept. 2011logo-banner.jpg


“We just wanted to say how much we love our canvas tent! We have owned the tent for 2 years now, and we have never had a better one. When camping with a group, we have the only tent that survives the wind and rain. Thank you!!”

-Lydia (Colorado) Sept. 2011logo-banner.jpg


“I just wanted to say thank you for the best tent I have ever purchased. I bought the 12x9 cabin tent with the screened in awing from Cabela's and all I can say is wow my family and I love it. This is the first canvas tent I have owned, I am now a loyal Kodiak customer. We took camping the weekend after it was delivered we where the envy of those around us love the tent will never go back to a inferior tent I'm sold thanks for a outstanding product. I am going to order the canvas wall for my awning to take a winter camping trip with my husky this year I am really excited. Once again thanks for a great product quality craftsmanship is really hard to find anymore but you all obviously take great pride in what you do.”

-Jason C. (Delaware, OH) Jul. 2011logo-banner.jpg


“Kodiak Tents Just wanted to say that I got to try my new truck tent out this weekend. I was planning on some rough weather that evening but nothing like what actually occurred. It was a torrential pour all night, and I thought, here is going to be the ultimate test to see if this tent is as it claims. I can ecstatically say I was kept totally dry all night long and I have never had such a good time camping in rain. It never felt stuffy or hot and just because of the storm I checked for leaks many times through the night expecting something to start dripping or to feel condensation building on the inside. I never felt either. Thank you for making such and outstanding product! I will never go back to a plastic tent.”

-Adam U. (Oklahoma City, OK) May 2011logo-banner.jpg


“First off, thanks for designing such a great tent. We used our new deluxe 10'X14' model 6014 tent for the first time this past weekend and loved everything about it including the quality, looks, height, no smells and ease to work with. Just the absolute best tent out there. Truthfully, it was the continuous stream of raving comments I read on numerous sites that made me finally pull the trigger on buying the Kodiak tent. Although I have health issues, I think it's still important to find ways to continually connect with the kids and my grandson so setting up any tent was one of my major concerns. Through the years, we have owned two pop-ups and a 30' trailer and I just didn't feel like wrestling anymore with towing them, connecting hoses, setting leveling jacks and telling myself we're having fun. With the Kodiak tent, we had it fully set up in a matter of minutes complete with two queen size air mattresses and plenty of room for the additional two twin mattresses we also brought. With such a high ceiling we never felt confined or unsteady when we moved around. My daughter who originally questioned going with us said to be sure to count her in on our next camp-out. Thanks for not cutting any corners when you designed it.”

-Harold B. (Waldorf, MD) Mar. 2011logo-banner.jpg


“I bought a #6014 10x14 at Cabelas this past fall. I had an REI Kingdom which I returned after one time, then I had a LL Bean 10x10 Woodlands tent. Both are considered fine tents, but I can tell you from using all three that your Kodiak Canvas stands alone. It's a lot of tent for the money...You have a loyal following who will pay more money for the tent as long as you keep the same great quality. Thanks for such a great tent - Camping in the Kodiak Canvas gives me peace of mind with my family inside, when the weather gets bad.”

-Dan F. (Minnesota) Dec. 2010logo-banner.jpg


“I want to thank you for what I feel is the greatest tent ever made. My wife and I looked all last winter for a tent so our family could start enjoying the outdoors more. After looking at what we thought was every family tent made, and reading hundreds of testimonials your tent stood out among the rest. Had hard rain the first night camping, and just what we hope--perfectly dry. The set up of our new 10x14 Flex-Bow was awesome. I did it by myself the first time in 10 min. (and that’s taking it out of the box and reading the directions). The second time, when camping, took 5 min. My 3 boys, my wife, and I want to thank you for what we think was a great year of camping. We are going camping this fall I'm sure we'll have a great time thanks to your tent. THANK YOU.”

-Robert V. (Buchanan, MI) Sept. 2010logo-banner.jpg


“We had a group of about 460 youth and leaders who were on a three-day Pioneer Trek from June 10-12. The first night included a typical Wyoming storm of torrential rain and 50-60 mile per hour winds. Most of the leaders in our group took small dome tents that were obliterated by the storm. Fiberglass and aluminum tent poles snapped from the power of the wind. Dozens of tents from the entire group were destroyed. Well over 100 persons were displaced and were sleeping in busses and a local barn. I am pleased to report there were no problems with any of our Kodiak tents. They withstood the pounding rain and wind with no damage to the tents or occupants gear. They remained water tight even in the driving rain. Thank you for building such a quality product.”

-Daryl W. (Syracuse, UT) June 2010logo-banner.jpg


“I've spent about 3 1/2 to 4 months living in my 6010 tent over the past 2 years, and I LOVE it. It's been to Burning Man, Coachella and Lightning in a Bottle for extended, working, camping experiences and several smaller trips. I've encouraged other people to buy a Kodiak, and everybody who has done so is happy. I work with an LA based production company, and at least 5 of our crew have a Kodiak. We create large scale installations for music festivals and we hold our own Festival (Lightning in a Bottle), once a year. We generally camp for 1-2 weeks at a time for each event, so our tents get pretty well lived in. I LOVE MY TENT!”

-Hilary S. (Westen USA) June 2010logo-banner.jpg


“I'm familiar with the Flex-Bow concept and decided to get the 10X10 model. Just got back from our annual Retired TX game warden get-together. A more critical audience would be hard pressed to find. They were impressed with the quality of a REAL canvas tent (quite a few of us still use wall tents) with the easy setup advantage for one person. Other remarks included the pleasant colors used (green and buff). Driving 18 stakes is the hardest part for my late 60s bod, the rest is a cinch. With old Coleman lanterns at night, had quite a few gather around for good conversation which because of your canvas tent, usually centered around old canvas tents and hunting trips w/horses and mules. Very secure tent as we had some strong spring winds and light rain, no problem. Looking forward to many more get-togethers with this tent which seems to be a drawing card in groups.”

-Ron B. (Comfort, TX) Apr. 2010logo-banner.jpg


“Thanks for the help choosing my tent. I got the 10 x 14 flex bow. It’s great!!!!! I thought you might want to share some information with other customers; I camped in cold to cool weather 40 deg. days and nights in the 20-36 range. I did notice that after the first good rain storm it allowed less air threw the canvas so I opened the top vents a little for fresh air. thanks again for the help, and the best tent I have ever owned (I have had somewhere around 8 tents in my time.)”

-George H. (Wilmington, IL) Dec. 2009logo-banner.jpg


“Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!! Just back from opening weekend here in central Washington and still dry thanks to my new 10 X 14 FlexBow. Two inches of rain in one hour and not a drop inside. It's unbelievable and assuring that one can still buy a product that performs as advertised. This is one fine tent. Thanks again.”

-Steve C. (Central Washington) Oct. 2009logo-banner.jpg


“We own two Kodiak Canvas tents which we lived in for most of the summer last year while we were building our home in the mountains of Utah. They were both great! They were sturdy, comfortable, had wonderful hardware. We anticipate these tents being a great investment for our family for years to come!”

-Travis H. (Brighton, UT) June 2008logo-banner.jpg



“We absolutely LOVE your tent! It is very well thought-out and constructed. I've guided in AZ for 20 years and have always wondered why someone didn't make a tent like yours. Thanks again for such a fine product. 

-Gary F. (New River, AZ) Nov. 2007logo-banner.jpg



“On my first trip out with my new Kodiak Canvas tent, I did not arrive at my campsite, in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park, until 11:00 at night. I can't tell you how glad I was for the easy to assemble design. You only have to stake it out and put up the three supports. It was a far cry from some of the complicated to assemble tents I have owned in the past.”

-Henry K. (Columbia, SC) Mar. 2006