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Thank you for producing an incredible product

Thank you for producing an incredible product

"Earlier this year I ordered the Deluxe 10x10 Kodiak tent from a supplier in the US to take to my small patch of wild land in the mountains of Portugal. I'm building an off-grid cabin there. It was an expensive investment for me, but I researched it carefully and decided it was the tent for me. My building trips are typically 5 weeks long, so I need to live on my land to save on accommodation costs. I needed a tent which is comfortable, breathable and large enough for a double bed and all our camping gear.

It can be pretty wet in the Portuguese mountains in October/November, but one night we were hit by Hurricane Leslie......120 mile an hour winds and torrential rain. It was frightening.....felt like being inside a washing machine on spin cycle for 6 hours with a roaring dragon outside trying to end our days...one of the worst nights of my life...we could hear huge trees toppling in the forest, rock slides as patches of road disappeared down the mountain....I can't really exaggerate......Nature hurled all her might at the tent.

We remained safe, warm and dry. The tent held. Thank you for producing an incredible product."

 -Cath C. (London, England) Nov. 2018