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Fan Mail from New England

Fan Mail from New England

Just a few lines of Praise (which I am to guess you get often) for your 10x10 Flex-Bow tent. This writer has camped out in the mud of Viet Nam, a host of different eras in the living history hobby, and a very terrible tenting experience with my late wife in a nylon (cursed be they) tent. So, you may know I write this from knowledge.

Onward: it is 1935 hrs when I pen this email, from a "Cabela's" cot (no longer will I sleep on Mother Earth till I am in it) snugly inside your 10x10 tent, with a heater going. Spring is SUPPOSED to be here, but my dish soap froze the other night INSIDE the tent. A RUSH to Wal Mart for a ceramic heater. The heater is now running.

But, to the Point; I set the tent up the first time on site. It was a fine sunny New England Spring day when I found the campground and my tent site. Dandy! a level, grassy patch for the tent. I got it laid out on the site in line with a compass reading, staked it out and POOF, the rain clouds roared in, and in no time it was a fine, wet drizzle to set up the Tent. The tent is AMAZING! One roof pole, two sets of side springs, and two uprights, and this tent is as stiff and rigid as if it were fiberglass. One huge praise for a well designed, well engineered, and VERY well thought out tent set up design- and I have suffered thru a host of bad ones. The rain went on thru the night, so no need to 'sprinkle the tent ' as noted in the instructions-which I DID read thru.

The next day came off windy, windy as in "Wizard of Oz" windy. All sorts of summer gazebos, plastic chairs, some ones laundry and a host of odds and sods blew around the camp ground. This tent could care less of it. Some odd leaning and shaking, but the stakes (and these are FIRST RATE, not some 'bent bailing wire stakes' I have seen TOO OFTEN) held and I did not have to find my NATO issue BIG HEAVY stakes.

Which brings me to some other subjects. Construction details, first rate sewing, the overlap panels at the end of the zipper tracks, good heavy zippers, a very good floor material, many clever and well appreciated other details. And ROOM for the items I have with me and room to move.

This is well worth EVERY dollar spent on it!

 -Charles A. (Lisbon Center, Maine) April 2024