Tent Selector


Factors to determine if a Cabin or Flex-Bow Tent is right for you:

Trip Duration?

If you do shorter trips, 1-3 days, and easy, one-person set-up is important, you should consider our Flex-bow tents.  If you are going to camp for extended periods of time, one week plus, you should consider a cabin tent. The cabin tents take more time to erect, are a little bulkier to store, and require two people to set up. Once up, the cabin tents are roomier because of the steep sidewalls and tall ceilings and offer some added comforts like the framed awnings.

Set-up Alone or with others?

If you are going to be alone, the Flex-bow tents are easy to set up with one person.  The Cabin tent will need two people to set up.  So if one-person set-up is important, you should consider our Flex-bow tents. 


If you are going to encounter a lot of high winds, the Flex-Bow design is better suited for this.  There is more surface area on our Cabin tents so they do not perform in wind as well, but you can add some extra guy ropes if needed.



Factors to determine the correct size Tent:

All of our tents have a rather steep sidewall so the usable space is really good. Considerations are how many people you will have in the tent, how much room do you require (cots and air mattresses can require extra space), and how much storage space you need. In general, you will have to cram if you want to fit 6 people in a 6-person tent. Measure off the tent footprint dimension so you can better visualize the space, and select a tent size according.


-Happy Camping!