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This Aluminum twist lock tension pole is a nice add on accessory for the 8101 Swag tent. Simply insert the pins on this pole into the grommets at the top head and foot of the swag tent and extend the pole until the tent is taut. This is a useful accessory when its difficult to find ground to put the guy out stakes in. Ideal for use in a truck bed, or cot.

Why do you need this pole? You don't. It is optional. It gives the added convenience to make your Swag freestanding (without use of guy ropes and stakes). It will also make the frame a little stiffer. This pole will fold up and roll up in the swag for easy storage.

The weight is 1 lb. Ship weight (with packaging) is approx 2 lbs.


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    Posted by Does the job on 1st Nov 2022

    I bought it to use with my swag on a cot. Makes the swag freestanding. No issues.

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    Swag tension pole

    Posted by Randy Knauss on 20th Jun 2022

    I recently purchased this item for my Kodiak swag. I sat the swag up with the pole. It worked fine. I have not been able to get out camping with it yet. I can't wait.

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    Swag tension pole

    Posted by Tim Smith on 9th Jun 2022

    Adds a lot of versatility to the swag tent.

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    Perfect Compliment to the Swag Shelter

    Posted by MrSwift111 on 16th Mar 2022

    I have this for those times when the ground is solid or rocky and I need a stand alone tent. Perfect tension and ease of use are the main reasons this is part of my swag set up.

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    Swag Pole

    Posted by Bryan on 27th Sep 2021

    I will join the chorus of those stating that this should be included with the swag tent. That said, I have used the swag without it (using stakes and lines) and it is a quality setup.

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    Swag pole

    Posted by Cole Cook-Gabaldon on 17th Mar 2021

    This should come standard with the swag. Really makes a big difference when camping in muck, beach or anywhere tent stakes are not practical . 10/10

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    Tent accessories

    Posted by Campy McCamperson on 10th Mar 2021

    Arguably a necessary addition, to the point it should be included with the tent. With this you can make the tent freestanding very quickly, allowing a lot more flexibility to where you can setup. Fits in the bag easily for storage, highly recommended.

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    Tension pole

    Posted by Christopher on 2nd Feb 2021

    Awesome for setting up quick. Solid accessory.

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    Swag Tent Pole - does the job, but not fully taunt.

    Posted by Matthew Frey on 25th Jan 2021

    I ordered the pole to use during winter camping, in lieu of driving stakes in the frost. It worked great, but doesn’t not fully pull all the sag out of the tent. Could be user error. I do really appreciate that the pole collapses to be able to place within the tent when rolling up. Simple really, but well thought out. All and all really happy with the tent, and stayed warm durning a winter trial run. See link below for my initial thoughts/review on the Kodiak Swag tent (YouTube). https://youtu.be/QLYIDb04epE Thank you for the great product.