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This top-notch stove package is compatible with Kodiak Canvas stove ready tents (models 6170, 6173 and 6116).

Built in the mountains of Central Utah, Cylinder Stoves are crafted by hunting and camping folks who know what is expected of a good camp stove and have put them to the test in many different conditions, both ordinary and extreme. Since its beginnings in 1989 Cylinder Stoves has been committed to making better stoves by continually improving design and construction techniques. Always look for the authentic Cylinder Stove tag, made in either Cedar City, UT or Chester, UT. Today, Cylinder Stoves is the leading name among tent stoves because of our desire to produce the best product possible in precision craftsmanship, precise detail and performance, and do it at a reasonable price. Once you've seen a cylinder stove, it's easy to see that our Quality speaks for itself.

Built Tough

  • Every part of a Cylinder Stove and its accessories are designed to be easy to use, yet strong and durable enough to LAST.
  • All joints are completely welded, corners are rounded, and rough or sharp edges are ground smooth.
  • The top and door are made of 10 gauge (.135) steel.
  • Front and Back are made of 12 gauge (.105) steel.
  • The round cylinder is rolled and a 14 gauge (.075) steel piece of steel, not a barrel or piece of pipe.

This Hunter Stove model is the perfect size, weight and heat output for the average camp. This stove will heat any of our Cabin Lodge Stove-Ready tents nicely. 

Stove Specs:

  • 24"L x 14"W x 11"H
  • 22"Tall with Legs
  • Volume: 1.6 cu. ft.
  • 65 lbs. (includes package accessories)

Package Includes:

  • Stove
  • Warming Tray/Side Shelf
  • Grate
  • 5" Nesting Stovepipe with built-in internal spark arrestor
  • Stovepipe Damper
  • 12" Legs