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The long-awaited Cover Top tent accessory is finally here! This is great option to protect your Flex-Bow tent investment. Some of the benefits of the Cover Top include:

  • Protect your tent from dive-bombing birds, or those birds that like to perch directly above your perfectly shady camp site
  • Keeps the weepy tree junk and tree sap off your tent roof
  • Improves temperature management - can be used to help keep your tent cooler on sunny days, and help your tent retain heat on cooler nights
  • Improves your tent's breathability during wet weather
  • Provides more shade on a hot summer day
  • Makes your tent darker on those full-moon nights (for those who like it darker when they sleep)
  • …and drum roll please… it works with your tent’s awning!

The Cover Top is made from a heavy-duty poly-cotton canvas. The Cover Top is water tight and blocks light (it’s totally opaque – light does not pass through this material).

The Cover Top comes in 4 different sizes to fit the various Flex-Bow tent models:

  • SKU 1688 fits Flex-Bow tent size 8.5’x6’
  • SKU 1689 fits Flex-Bow tent size 9’x8’
  • SKU 1680 fits Flex-Bow tent size 10’x10’
  • SKU 1684 fits Flex-Bow tent size 10’x14’




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    Posted by Jason Fleury on 29th Sep 2023

    The cover top matches all of the other Kodiak Canvas products- excellent quality and great fit!

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    10X10 cover top

    Posted by Dan on 15th Sep 2023

    We took a trip to Wyoming, used this two nights, and both nights it rained. It did its job however, rain pools up on this thing pretty easy and it takes a while for it to dry out. The other issue is the Velcro does not fit against the tension rods like it should. I absolutely love Kodiak Canvas products but this item not too much.

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    Kodiak canvas bow tent cover accessory

    Posted by Christian Jensen on 7th Sep 2023

    Added cover to my 10x14 flex-bow tent at elk camp just in time for a rainy opening weekend in SW Idaho. Love the weather treatment of cover to keep water, sap and eventually snow off my tent roof. Easy to install too!

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    Flex bow tent rain fly

    Posted by Chris Jones on 5th Sep 2023

    The 10 by 14 flex bow rain fly works really well. My only complaint would be that it is too tight of a fit. It pulls the bows together and slacks the tent in the middle. Makes the sides slacked and loose. Otherwise it’s a great purchase.

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    8.5 x 6 cover top

    Posted by eriKaLaila Whitney on 5th Sep 2023

    Within the last 2 months I have invested in the 8.5 x6 and the 9x8 flex bow tents, tarps and cover tops. I am able to put up both tents in the New Mexico deserts with ease by myself (which was the incentive for purchasing these in the first place). As I’ve been airing out the 8.5x6 tent when the 9x8 covertop arrived- I’ve been testing it on the 8x6 to see if it actually works in neutralizing the temps before purchasing the proper size. Today I broke down the 8x6 to put on the cover top … it’s been over 2 hours with breaks / switching gloves/ no gloves/ using my feet & legs along with my arms and back muscles to try to get this thing on. Now that the sun is going down, there’s no customer service I’m considering returning both of these. The measurements just can’t be right at 47” in width. Seams stretching and about to rip the tent or lose an eye and a tooth. Any suggestions would be appreciated

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    Great addition to a FANTASTIC tent

    Posted by Josh on 31st Aug 2023

    Purchased this with hopes of protecting the top of our tent. It goes above and beyond what I thought it could be! Great addition to our 10x14 VX tent. First off we had a really bad night of thunderstorms right after we set up camp. The top accessory added protection from the rain and falling sticks from the trees above. It fits super tight and the guy lines are made of great material. Now here is the added bonus I didn’t know about, it has a nice overhang on the ends and allows you to unzip the windows more to allow more air flow, it really helped during the thunderstorms. DEFINITELY worth the price and worth buying! BRAVO KODIAK……BRAVO!

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    10x14 rain fly

    Posted by Gregory Capozzelli on 28th Aug 2023

    While the rain fly works flawlessly, it should be part of the original tent purchase. $140 for a tarp is overpriced.

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    The perfect topper

    Posted by Megan E Knight on 14th Aug 2023

    I used this during a 2 week camping trip. Some say the darkened interior is a con, but I say it's a pro. I loved that I could go into my tent in the middle of the sunny day and not bake, nor be blinded by the light. Did I have to use my tent lights more often and earlier in the day than normal? Sure. Do I care? Not after the couple of storms we had where I didn't once worry about water nor damage from tree branches. Best money spent on an accessory since I bought the vestibule!

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    Tent topper

    Posted by Bryce Gubler on 8th Aug 2023

    Used for the first time this past weekend. Fit well and seemed to keep the tent cooler during the day