Posted by Brian M on 15th Jan 2023

Brian M. (Colorado Springs, CO) November 2022

I researched a lot before buying my next late season hunting tent. I have had wall tents, dome tents and a Big Horn in the past. The Kodiak Canvas 10x10 Deluxe with the Wing Vestibule was the one I finally selected for this year's mid-November Colorado elk hunt. We experienced negative temps at night with the highest nighttime temp only reaching 4°. We used a “Buddy” heater on medium heat (with a remote CO2 sensor for caution) with good sleeping bags and slept warm and sound. It was also a nice warm place to retreat at the end of the day to warm up and enjoy a meal and conversation in comfort. We had on-and-off snow for over 5 days with no issues with leaks or condensation. It easily accommodated two cots, a 3-foot table with a propane stove and a small table in the middle for eating, etc. There was ample room at the end of both cots for a storage bin, pack or other items. The zippers are great compared to other tents I have had, especially when trying to go out in the middle of the night. They are rugged and open and close easily. Setting up the tent is a breeze. Equally impressive is the floor - very thick waterproof material that should hold up well for years. I highly recommend the optional Wing Vestibule. It not only provided a break from the wind but also helped to keep the doorway free from snow. It is a great space to set up a table, camp kitchen, coolers etc. Overall, this may be the best tent I have had, and should last for many years - I highly recommend it!

Thanks Kodiak! -Brian M. (Colorado Springs, CO) November 2022